Best apps to share files securely

Think about when was the last time you wanted to transfer music or video to your friend’s smartphone, and how hard and slow it was. As effective as our phones, limited file-sharing options. Fortunately, there are better options that make file transfer simple, secure, and painless. Take a look at the best apps to share files securely below.

The Best Apps for Sharing Files between Phones, Tablets, and Computers

With the secure file pro mentioned below, moving files between mobile devices has never been easier. And because none of the programs on our list depend on slower transfer technology, such as Bluetooth, file transfer is fast, but easy and secure. These programs even offer the ability to transfer files to your desktop, so you do not need to temporarily connect them to your computer with a USB cable:

  1. Jumpshare allows you to send files up to 250 MB in size with their free account, but if you switch to a paid plan, you can send files of any size. You just download the file and they give you a link to share the file. Unlike all other competitors, they have a really good application for both Windows and Mac, which allows you to easily share files, folders, and documents.
  2. Portal. The simplest free application for fast file transfer from computer to smartphone. It works like this: you go to the Portal site, scan the QR-code with the help of the program and drop the necessary files into the browser window. They will appear in the Portal folder.
  3. FE File Explorer. With this file manager, you can connect your computer’s network folders to Windows, Mac, Linux, open them from your smartphone, and copy them to your gadget. You can also set up an FTP connection. This method will have to tinker a bit: create an account, share the necessary folders, register the IP address of your PC on the network. But it fully justifies itself if you frequently share files with your home PC. After a one-time setup, all the necessary actions are performed quickly, without confirmations, codes, links, just two or three clicks.

Why is it important to choose the right hosting?

Whether you want to move files from one device to another securely, transferring data is always a time-consuming task, especially when you want to share large files. Moreover, another problem is secure data transfer without any restrictions or restrictions. Fortunately, all of these problems can be avoided simply by using these best free Android apps for data transfer. Using these 11 best Android file transfer apps in 2020, you will not only be able to instantly transfer but also view and back up your data.

One of the most common things that people need to do is transfer files from their mobile devices or tablets to the desktop. Often in college or university, as well as in the workplace, we need to share important files and programs with each other. Sometimes share video files, photos, e-books, PDF, DOC, programs, confidential information of any important document in any form. But often Wi-Fi or mobile data isn’t available around us, so we can’t share files on any online media. If you often encounter this situation, I suggest you try a reliable application for file sharing. Most of these programs are very convenient for data exchange and for the fast exchange of a large number of files.